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The "Enneagram" is an ancient symbol found in esoteric traditions such as Sufism.   It is largely understood through the teachings of George Gurdjieff.   If you look up "Enneagram" on Google, you'll find thousands of hits…and almost all of them deal with "personality types" . An amazing array of books, articles, lessons, groups.

But here's the startling thing: when I studied the Enneagram at the Transformative Arts Institute under  Sufi master  Mushtaq Ali Al Ansari, he made it clear that this design is only about 2% "personality types" and 98% a subtle and powerful exploration of PROCESS, applicable to any interaction, a "paper computer" with mind-boggling effectiveness. A true esoteric secret. My question was: "why is everyone focusing on the tiniest part of the puzzle?"

And the answer regretfully reached: because that's all they know. THAT'S ALL MOST TEACHERS KNOW. They have a splinter, and think it is the forest.

From designing a banquet to writing fiction, from marketing and sales to falling in love, the Enneagram is a stupendous gift to the world, and the most important teachings seem to be transmitted solely through oral tradition.

Well…for decades, I pled with Mushtaq to expand his teaching circle beyond the traditional in-person master-pupil relationship, and when I explained what could be accomplished with webinars, he finally relented.

The result? We're going to teach a six week master class, breaking open this mystic sigil for the modern world, going WAY, WAY beyond just "personality." We might touch on that for a single session, but promise that at least 80% will be application you've never heard of. Our intention, quite simply, is to create the best Enneagram class ever…and that means to create a doorway into one of the great esoteric mystery schools of history.


Yep. What we're doing is asking for help. We want YOUR QUESTIONS. Or specifically your answer to the question: "What is your #1 question about the Enneagram?" Remember: we're going BEYOND personality. It can be applied to ANY process in your life: health, wealth, relationships, inner peace, healing. You can ask about a specific arena, or about how to APPLY it to an arena. How to use it to help yourself, or others. When we've finished the course, it will cost 197$, but the first 100 people who answer our question will be invited to the six-week webinar TOTALLY FREE.

1) Personality (we'll get that out of the way in our first session!)
2) Process
3) Storytelling (applying this to the Hero's Journey creates an amazing non-linear story structure system.  Unreal!)
4) Relationships (finding your soulmate!)
5) Business and Marketing (the "Spiritual Entrepreneur" system)
6) Physical health and fitness
7) Spiritual Awakening

I believe that we need all the righteous power the world can offer, and the Enneagram is one of the most powerful tools in the world.    Help us share the power!

Steven Barnes

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