"The Ancient Child: Evolution" is an audio program by noted author, life coach, and hypnotherapist, Steven Barnes, on facilitating emotional healing, self love, creativity, and more in this easily downloadable audio program.
This program of meditation quite literally saved my life.
 –Michael Harper
Finally, after a lifetime of learning, thirty years of teaching, and three years of testing, the ANCIENT CHILD THIRTY DAY PROGRAM is ready!
I wish I could say that I “created” this amazing program, but the truth is that what I’ve done is gathered the very best from the very finest men and women I’ve ever been blessed to study with, practiced it all to the best of my ability, and find the point inside myself that all roads lead to…and then asked:
                                                                            WHAT WERE THEY ALL SAYING IN COMMON?

Wonderful teachers like Sri Chinmoy, Tim Piering, Dawn Callan, Steve Muhammad, Harley “Swift Deer” Reagan, Scott Sonnon, Mushtaq Ali Al Ansari…disciplines like Ashtanga yoga, Ericksonian hypnosis, NLP, Martial Arts, Transcultural Shamanism, the Sweet Medicine Sundance Path…

What did they all say? What was it my teachers were trying to bang into my #$%% head?

1. Whatever you want to master, you have to do EVERY DAY.
 2. You have to integrate mind, body, and emotion, or you can never be whole.
 3. You have to RAISE YOUR ENERGY if you want to get out of your rut…

For years, I taught Tai Chi to thousands of students, often in a hyper-short form, having only an hour or two to give them something of value. How could I do that, when it takes A YEAR just to learn the basic form?

The answer is: I cheated.

The Ancient Child: Evolution is a 30 day program to improve your body and life. In 30 days, you commit to:
 • One visualization session once a week
 • 20 minutes daily movement ritual

The program includes the following:
 • The Overview and Introduction MP3
 • Ancient Child MP3 for your meditative visualization sessions
 • The 30 Day Program PDF guide and workbook
 • “The Eye of Revelation” ebook (pdf) by Peter Kelder featuring the five Tibetan movements

Just 20 minutes a day to transform yourself and begin to understand things about who you are and how your body, mind, and spirit work together that you may have never totally understood. You will be connecting far more deeply with your sense of aliveness, creativity, regain your physical mobility and ease of motion, release fears, and become far more directed as a human being.

30 days, 20 minutes a day, change your life and your body.
I would get the students to speak of their lives, their hopes and dreams, anchor those emotions into their bodies. Then teach them how to move and breathe properly, and the relationship between breathing and stress. Give them just a few moments of greater flow…and then send them out into their lives. 

And for decades, they’ve begged for more. A way to continue the process on their own. But how could I? What could I possibly do to help them, when I’M NOT THERE?

I had to combine motion, emotion, and directed thought. Why? Because the quality of your life is the quality of your emotions. And emotion is created by WHAT YOU SAY, WHERE YOU DIRECT YOUR MENTAL FOCUS, AND THE WAY YOU USE YOUR BODY. Control these three, and you have control of your emotions. Fail to control these three, and your emotions control you.

After years of testing, I decided that the wonderful knowledge with which my teachers had entrusted COULD be passed on, at a distance, IF…
 1. I could get the student to perform a brief (20 minutes!) “ritual” of motion, emotion, and directed thought daily.
 2. I could find a physical routine that can be performed by anyone, anywhere, without equipment and with minimal instruction. Something tested and both efficient and effective and SAFE.
 3. I could create a GUIDED VISUALIZATION designed to heal the heart, guide the mind, and nourish our creative spirits.

From the Heart Out or Body Up, But Not Head Down

The idea is simple:
 You can begin your progress as a human being from the heart “out” or from the body “up”, but never ever ever from the head “down.”
But if you can heal the heart AND awaken the body, you can root yourself in your actual being. Tap into your real potential as a human being. Literally “reparent” yourself by learning as you did as a child: beginning by swathing yourself in a cocoon of love, and exploring the physical universe. THAT is what triggers the accelerated learning we experienced as children. THAT is what you need to erase the negative learnings, and imprint the lessons, attitudes, and emotional perspectives you need to be the person you were born to be.

That every other program I’d ever created was, as powerful and effective as they were, not rooted in an ideal balance, didn’t change the body mind and emotions as an integrated unit, the “psychotensegrity” my teachers hammered into my thick skull as the answer to all of the pain, and grief, and fear I dealt with before they set me free.

And…the ANCIENT CHILD THIRTY-DAY PROGRAM addresses all three, for the very first time. I know of no program, anywhere, at any price, that brings them all together in such a manner. You commit to just TWENTY MINUTES A DAY FOR THIRTY DAYS and you will…
 1. Learn a ritual of motion, emotion, and thought that can transform your entire life.
 2. Learn the power of the “Secret Formula” when anchored into your body. (GOALS X FAITH X ACTION X GRATITUDE = RESULTS!)
 3. Learn a combination of physical movements that can provide 80% of the physical and mental benefits of Tai Chi or Yoga, but can be learned in a fraction of the time, without a live teacher, and can be performed by a Newbie or an Olympian with benefit! Start at any fitness/health level, and ultimately produce strong basic overall fitness in about 10-20 minutes a day!
 4. Learn to love yourself, deeply enough to both forgive imperfections and develop unstoppable DRIVE to improve and discipline…while enjoying each and every day of your precious life!
 5. Develop a unique balance of “Child”, “Adult” and “Elder” selves. ALL YOU NEED TO SUCCEED IN LIFE IS TO BALANCE THE DREAMS OF CHILDHOOD WITH THE VALUES YOU WILL HOLD ON YOUR DEATHBED. Life doesn’t get better than that!
 6. And much much more. The organization and integration has been done for you. ALL YOU ADD IS YOUR OWN COMMITMENT TO YOURSELF, JUST TWENTY MINUTES, FOR THIRTY DAYS…AND YOU’LL KNOW IF I’M SPEAKING THE TRUTH.
For a sample of Steve Barnes powerful work in helping patients connect mind, body, and spirit, read: 

I’m betting that once you understand, once you EXPERIENCE, you’ll want to continue for a lifetime. You won’t SETTLE for a scattered, “o.k” life any more. Once you discover what happens when you integrate body, mind, and spirit into a single force, you will understand where you have “leaked” energy and effectiveness. You’ll love yourself even more for how much you’ve been able to accomplish with all the conflicting, sometimes painful messages you’ve operated with all your life.

What happens if you load a bunch of conflicting programs into your computer? It slows down. It crashes. Well gee…did every parent, teacher, authority figure, friend, boss, bully, enemy, abuser or anyone else you ever had to deal with consult with each other about the lessons they were going to teach you? Think their lessons conflicted? Think this might explain why you have trouble motivating yourself to lose weight? Finish that novel? Find the love of your life? Manage your money? Find inner peace?
You think? Well, you’re an ADULT now. You can take control. And the ANCIENT CHILD THIRTY DAY PROGRAM can put your hands on the wheel of your earthly vehicle. Because frankly, if you aren’t driving, your car is careening along a mountain road with the driver asleep at the wheel, and your kids screaming in the back seat “WAKE UP!”

All you’ll need to do is commit to thirty days of self-support. To listen to the “Ancient Child” visualization once a week. Then the other six days perform a very gentle physical exercise for twenty minutes while speaking aloud your commitments to your own growth, intentions wellness, healing, and happiness. That’s it. COMMIT TO BEING HAPPY.

If at the end of thirty days you don’t agree that you feel better, have gotten more done, are more clear, directed, more filled with love and life…your money will GLADLY be refunded.

Give yourself a favor. Make 2018 the very best year of your life, starting NOW. Order the ANCIENT CHILD THIRTY DAY PROGRAM…the first of a new world of possibilities, committed to making YOU the hero in the adventure of your lifetime.

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