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How I took fifty years of writing experience and Turned It Into A One-Year breakthrough program that will take YOU to the next level of your career!
 Hi!  My name is Steven Barnes, and I'd like to tell you a story.

Fifty years ago, I wrote and read compulsively, every day. But this isn't a fairy tale, where the people around me applauded my efforts and supported my ambitions:   my mother burned my stories. My teachers mocked me, and no one believed I had the slightest chance to actually become a professional writer.   I got rejection after stomach-churning rejection.   And now, more than three million words and thirty novels later--I realize that somehow I made it all the way to my childhood dreams.

I wasn't sure how I'd done it until I taught  a class at UCLA, and applied the Hero's Journey to a student's problems. He suddenly began to devise all his own answers, because he had told himself a story about his life, and was able to change his ending.

THIS is the essence of "LIFEWRITING", a technique I've taught to thousands of people over more than three decades. Twelve years ago I collected everything I knew about this process into an incredible book I called "the Lifewriting Year Long." Students thought it was "the best writing course ever created", but I knew I could do even better. Make it even simpler. That I needed to create a STEP BY STEP program to enable ANYONE with the heart and guts, with average command of the English language, to actually publish. And…I've done it. I give away this core program:

 1) Write a sentence every day
 2) Write 1-4 stories a month
 3) Finish and submit your stories
 4) Don't rewrite except to editorial request
 5) Read 10X what you write (roughly, a story every day)
 6) Repeat 100 times

No one, and I mean NO ONE who has followed this pattern has failed to publish. The furthest anyone has gotten is only 27 stories before publication. IF you are willing to do this, I make you an unprecedented promise: you WILL publish if you buy this course. And I'll give you a full YEAR to work. If you do, and you honestly work the program and after twelve months you don't think you are doing the best work of your life, either published or closer than you've ever been…I'll happily return every dollar.

In one year, our promise is:

If you've never finished a will!
If you've finished but never will!
If you've submitted but never continued to will!
If you've submitted but never will!
If you've sold, but never understood how to sell will!
If you've sold stories regularly, but not completed longer will!
If you don't know how to predictably, continuously improve the quality of your work and will!

Wherever you are in your career, you WILL raise your game to the next level...guaranteed!

"Steven Barnes is the best teacher of any subject I've ever seen. He communicates PASSION, the core of excellence in any discipline, like a demon lover on speed!"
--Daniel Keyes Moran, author of "The Long Run"

Here's what you'll get:



 1) The full CLASSIC Lifewriting Year Long program. The best and most practical writing course ever created. Plot, characterization, theme, discipline, flow state management, EVERYTHING you need…just add sweat. It hasn't been available for almost a decade...but now the "vault" has been opened and it is yours! Value: $997.00

 2) The full LIFEWRITING PREMIUM program. A YEAR of weekly emails to inspire and motivate and guide you. Value: $997.00

 3) "Future Perfect" Video lecture on Science Fiction. Value: $97.00

 4) "The Art of Horror" Video lecture on Horror and dark fantasy. Together with SF, simply the "hottest" genres in the world? Value: $97.00

 5) "The Heroine's Journey" An amazing exercise in non-linear plot structure. A unique template, an application of an ancient tool to modern storytelling needs. Simply "fill in the blanks" and you'll know your story from the inside out. This process enables you to view your structure with a Master's eye, an understanding few PROFESSIONAL writers possess. This CANNOT be found anywhere else, and comes as close to "plug and play" as any writing tool can get. Value: PRICELESS.  

6) The complete "Route 101" self improvement program. Art is simply an expression of the artist. The better you know yourself, the better you understand humanity, and the more authentic the artistic expression. Value: $397.00

7) The unique "Zero Net Time" exercise program for busy writers--total basic fitness in "Zero Net Time." Value: $297.00

8) The F.E.A.R. program, designed to turn anxiety and stress into power. Fear finishing project? Submitting? This is for you! $297.00

9) Focus and Flow. Smashing "Writer's Block" forever. $297.00+

10) Tananarive Due's Secrets of a Writer's Life. The British Fantasy Award-winning novelist opens her heart about craft and community. Value $97.00

And much more! Everything you need to take yourself from "Zero" to "Hero" in your career: structure, inspiration, discipline, energy, creativity...EVERYTHING if you are only willing to take the first steps!

Much of this information is available nowhere else. Just go through it slowly, while writing at least ONE sentence every day…and you will transform and skyrocket your career.

A 5000.00 dollar value…now only $497.00 VERY SPECIAL LIMITED TIME PRICE: ONLY THE FIRST FIFTY SETS AT $297.00!!

How I help students make their first publication
When a student follows the Lifewriting Process, they are not alone. All they have to do is commit to writing at least ONE SENTENCE EVERY DAY, and the rest follows naturally.   We have support structures, brainstorm on sales avenues, provide emotional nurturance, and KICK YOUR BUTT to keep writing. 

Afraid?  Fear is a natural human emotion when we reach for excellence. We can help you!

Undisciplined?  Just commit to writing that single sentence a day, and if you do...we will help you ease into a pattern that slowly, surely, produces the best work of your life.

"But I write novels!" you say. is a truth you may not want to grasp: if you try to write a novel before you have sold short stories, you are like someone who runs a marathon without ever having run around the block!   It is SO easy to get lost, so easy to let depression and "writer's block" stop you.  But if you will just commit to following our simple pattern, we PROMISE you will kick yourself loose from your old constraints, and open the door to real excellence as a writer. And if your dream is to be a professional...we will guide you there, as well!

 "Since I’ve joined the Lifewriting Program, I have become a prolific writer.   I now have a cache of stories to flutter the market with.  I am so grateful to the Lifewriting Program for providing me with the encouragement, community and tools to become a published author."
--Adanze Asante

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