Why could the   FREE "Finding and Nurturing Your Soulmate" Course be your "Secret Weapon"  
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Hi!  My name is Steven Barnes, husband, father, NY Times bestselling author and creator of the "Soulmate Process" which has helped people find love and happiness for over a decade.     

With my wife, award-winning novelist Tananarive Due, for the very first time we decided to teach it LIVE in January of 2019.  Recognizing how lucky we felt for a couple of science fiction/fantasy "geeks" to find each other, we created the "Geek's Guide To Soulmates" class, and were delighted to be sharing it with our friends.

But something happened along the way...

People who WEREN'T SF/Fantasy fans asked "what about us?  Non-Geeks need love too!"

Students wanted us to teach not only the secret of FINDING and WOOING a Soulmate...but the "care and feeding" of a relationship AFTER you've bonded and married!  And to our surprise, when we interviewed successful couples we learned something critical:

The primary death of passion and love in relationships is forgetting to CONTINUE wooing your partner after the first year. After you are married.   Day after day, celebrating each other as if you are just getting to know each other.

IN OTHER WORDS...we needed to teach this amazing material not just to people SEEKING relationships, but to those who want to preserve the magic they already have.

Further...our business partners wanted us to focus on the difficulty people have with depression and a sense of loss in the holidays.   And also to think of the best Holiday gift we could offer our fans and friends...our family.  You.

There was one other thingie: due to a few "surprise" projects that dropped into our laps in the writing arena (teaching, scripting, and pitching) we had to push the original January class back to February.

So we made few nutty decisions.

1) To offer the BASIC class FREE to the first 100 200 applicants.  We will sell the class later, after it is finished. But you guys, who will be in our test group...you get it totally FREE!

2) The class is now "Finding and Nurturing Your Soulmate"--taking anyone from "zero to sixty"...for LIFE!

3) You still receive the "Ancient Child" mp3, designed to teach relaxation, heal emotional wounds and bolster self-love, without which it is hard or impossible to find or maintain a healthy relationship.

4)The class will be a series of 5-6 webinars, delivered LIVE weekly starting February 16th.

THERE YOU HAVE IT!  The   "New Soulmate Process",   It will cost at least $397 when finished, but  the first 100 200 applicants are totally FREE!    SIGN UP NOW!

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