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What if I told you that there was a way to know the future?

What if I told you that there existed a technology that could let you see where a problem would arise in something you are doing, and what if I told you that this technology would also let you see what would be needed to resolve the problem?

I wish I could say that I have invented such a technology, but I haven’t. It has actually been here all along and a select few people have known it, and more importantly, USED it, for perhaps millennia.

I suspect that most of you reading this have heard of the Enneagram, most likely as a system of personality typing. This was NOT its original purpose. The Enneagram was developed as a method of understanding PROCESS, and moreover, a tool for predicting those places in a process that are likely to go wrong, and to allow the user to see what will be needed to bring that process successfully to completion.

The Enneagram was brought to the West about a hundred years ago by a Teacher known as G. I. Gurdjieff who called the Enneagram "the fundamental hieroglyph of a universal language". He passed it to his students and until the 1970s it was taught either one to one, or in very small groups. In the late 1960s a fellow took one process, “how attention tends to fixate”, and used what he found to build a personality typing system. While this is a useful area of knowledge, to stop here is a bit like using your computer solely as a calculator to do addition and subtraction, never noticing all the other possibilities sitting in front of you.

Who am I to be telling you all about this?

My name is Mushtaq Ali al Ansari, and I have spent the last fifty years researching, studying, and mastering the Enneagram as it was originally taught. I first encountered the teachings in books by Gurdjieff and his main students. I hunted down groups who were attempting to carry on the traditional teachings. This led me on a lifelong quest to discover the depths and origins of this knowledge. It took me from the Sufi conclaves of Anatolia and North Africa to the ashrams of India as I tracked down the sources of these teachings. I learned a great deal in my travels and studies and along the way made some remarkable discoveries. This small course is an introduction to my findings.

I created this course at the behest of my good friend Steven Barnes, the bestselling author and teacher, who co-teaches it with me. I began teaching Steven the intricacies of the Original Enneagram back in 1986, and he has used the material in some pretty unique and original ways. Most significantly, as a tool to help plot out his novels. We cover this in lesson three of the program.

The Enneagram is a tool with virtually limitless real-world applications.
Find out how you can use it and what you can use it for.
Discover through hands-on experience just how much the Enneagram can do for you.


 I’ve been Mushtaq Ali Al Ansari’s protégé for several years now, and it’s been lifelongprocess of continual education. His knowledge of the esoteric arts and philosophies seems inexhaustible. We read of the ancient sages embodying the archetype of the old man or woman, clothed in gray hair, spouting wisdom with every breath, but we rarely meet them in life. Mushtaq is the real life, embodied sage, and it’s has been an honor to be under his tutelage.  

Nicholas Melville
Philosophy Professor GVSU, Ferris State University

Curt Steindler, Attorney
Working with Mushtaq has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. I have been a long time student of spirituality, the mind-body connection and transformational disciplines in general. While I made significant progress studying various paths on my own, and was already on my way to becoming a teacher in my own right, it was not until I started studying with Muhstaq that everything I had come across really made sense and clicked into a unified whole. Before working with him, I had a collection of tools, and Mushtaq help me turn into a functioning workshop. Compared to a lot of what you find with contemporary teachers, I found his mentorship was also refreshing because of his easy going, and stable style of teaching. He does not try to change you, or attempt to indoctrinate you into a belief system. He favors Gnostic knowing over preconceived ideas. He is exceptionally studied and well rounded, and so his tutelage in more inclusive then exclusive, with the effect of helping you better consolidate whatever you are coming to him with. What Mushtaq offers is self-discovery, balance, and insight, combined with a lifetime of in the trenches spiritual living. Whether you want to explore the personal development implications of anthropology, the depths of Sufism, the intricacies of philosophy, the science of mind and body or the legitimate application of the yogic precepts, just to name a few, I can guarantee that you will learn something of practical value that can assist you on your path. The only thing you have to lose are outdated notions of who you think you are.

Ramon Castellanos
Head Instructor
Healing the Human Animal


Introduction to the Enneagram of Process
Brief history
Gurdjieff’s law of three and seven
What the Enneagram is and is not
The meaning of the triangle and moving lines
The points of Preparation, Action and Shock
The classic Enneagram of the Kitchen

A brief look at the "Enneagram of Personality"
Understanding Gurdjieff's "Chief Feature"
What the Enneagram of Personality is and is not, and how it relates to the Original Enneagram
Using the Enneagram of Personality to help see where your attention goes when you are losing sight of your goals 

The Enneagram of Story
What makes an effective story: the Enneagram of Plot
The Enneagram meets The Hero’s Journey

The Enneagram of Flow applied to martial arts, sports and life
The Enneagram of Physical Mastery

The Enneagram applied to business 
Enneagram of Starting a Business 
Enneagram of Marketing and Sales
Passing through shocks successfully

The Enneagram of Waking Up 
The Enneagram of Human Adulthood 
The Enneagram of the Waking State 
Closing remarks

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