Change Your Life in Five Minutes a Day!
with the most thoroughly tested "Life hacking" system in the world!
For thirty years, black belt NY Time bestselling author STEVEN BARNES has taught his "LIFEWRITING" SYSTEM  to thousands of students.   "Lifewriting" is the application of Joseph Campbell's "Hero's Journey", the world's oldest system of teaching metaphor, to the modern world.  For almost ten years he has tested his "101" system, showing us how to fit ANY resource into this amazing pattern to accomplish ANY goal.    And since 2009, he's been teaching the "Five Minute Miracle", using amazing Russian Sports Psychology to change the body's reactions to stress in just FIVE MINUTES A DAY.  He tested this system thoroughly, again with thousands of students, but it wasn't until he found a way to adapt the system to his ADHD son Jason's education, transforming his life in just FIVE MINUTES A DAY that he realized it was time to rework the original system and finally offer it to the general public.    
PERFECT for someone who wants what Steve wanted from life:
1) Martial arts mastery
2) To be a professional writer
3) To find and win his soulmate
4) To master his finances

THAT'S what Steve wanted. And he got ALL of it (he holds THREE black belts, has published over THREE MILLION WORDS, and is married to his soulmate, Award winning novelist Tananarive Due!)

But it also has to be EXCELLENT for anyone who wants just ONE of those goals, or wants a balanced healthy passionate life, or wants a five minute (you CAN spend more time, but every concept starts in only five minutes!) program to:

1) "Double your child's grades"  (amazing!)
2) Destroy stress
3) Gain basic fitness
4) Start every day like you're shot out of a cannon!
5) Write a book a year in a sentence a day (honest!)
6) Heal emotional wounds
7) Learn the easiest diet plan on the planet
8) Master basic health with the secret of the "Fountain of Youth."

And SO MUCH MORE we don't have time or room to list it. 101 DAYS of mind blowing five-minute body/mind/spirit "hacks" (all take five minutes to read, learn and/or perform).   But always, ALWAYS, you will fall back to JUST FIVE MINUTES A DAY.  No kidding.  No bluffing.  No b.s.

Steven Barnes is a NY Times Bestselling author, holder of three black belts, and has lectured at UCLA, Mensa, the Smithsonian Institute, and more.  Since 1998 he has been married to his soulmate, British Fantasy Award winning author Tananarive Due.  
Now available for only 297.00!   
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