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*For thirty years, black belt NY Time bestselling author Steven Barnes has taught his "Lifewriting" system  to thousands of students.  

*For  ten years he has tested his "101" system, showing us how to fit ANY resource into this amazing pattern to accomplish ANY goal.    

*Since 2009, he's taught the "Five Minute Miracle", using amazing Russian Sports Psychology/Physiology secrets to change the body's reactions to stress in just FIVE MINUTES A DAY.  

Now for the first time he has combined it all into a simple system.  Every day for over 100 days you will learn a new secret, delivered to your email box and opening the door to a new life!

The new Lifewriting Five Minute Life Hack System is now available!

*Master your body

*Lose weight without "dieting"

* Learn the ancient Sufi secret of marketing  your goods and services with total integrity--and massive success!

*Eliminate stress

*Master Fear

*Find Love and inner peace

*Plus Free monthly brainstorming sessions with Steve!

Only $297.00. Or pay only 50.00 a month for seven months at a total of $350.00!  

30 Day 100% GUARANTEE!)
Steven Barnes is a NY Times Bestselling author, holder of three black belts,  has lectured at UCLA, Mensa, the Smithsonian Institute, and more.  Since 1998 he has been married to his soulmate, British Fantasy Award winning author Tananarive Due.  
PERFECT for someone who wants: 
1) Physical vibrancy
2) Love and inner peace
3) Greater success and passion in your career

*Every day for over 100 days, you'll get an email, PDF or MP3 from Steve.  

* Every month for a full year you'll have an opportunity to ask him your questions personally! 

Imagine what your life will be like after having a coach like this looking over your shoulder as we change your life forever...five minutes at a time!

Just a sample of what you'll receive:

Day 1 -- Planning the life of your dreams
Day 2--Five minute stress buster
Day 5--"The Secret of the Fountain of Youth"
Day 18--Working your entire body with a single five-minute movement
Day 22--Finding the love of your life
Day 31--The Fear Removal Exercise

And so much more we don't have time or room to list it.

 100+ days  of mind blowing five-minute body/mind/spirit "hacks" in email, PDF and MP3 form (all take five minutes to read, learn and/or perform).  

But always, ALWAYS, you will fall back to  just five minutes a day.  No kidding.  No bluffing.  No b.s.

Choose the life you want from a cornucopia of mind-blowing secrets!

 "“Thank you, brother. I took the psychological grace 
you helped me foster into the cauldron….and came out with the gold. You’re the best!”

--Scott Sonnon, four-time Gold Medal Winner, 2010 World Martial Arts Game,  inventor, author

"(I thought) this program would be helpful. I was wrong. It wasn't helpful. It changed my life. It SAVED my life."  LaVeda Mason, Entrepreneur
 ""Steven Barnes (is) uniquely powerful 
(in helping others balance) their physical
and emotional arenas along a spiritual pathway
to abiding self love and unifying purpose."  

--Gerald M. Levin, 
Former CEO, Time/Warner  

 "Steve Barnes is ... uniquely qualified to create a unique, powerful, effective program.  The outcomes for anyone who goes through his program will be to develop physical, mental, and emotional flexibility, relaxed self-confidence, sustained energy under pressure, and quick coping skills—all much needed in today’s world of rapid, non-stop change and unexpected adversities." 
--Al Siebert, PhD., Director of The Resiliency Center author of The Survivor Personality, and The Resiliency Advantage

"The proof is in all of us who are healing and thriving..the most compelling thing about the work is that it works..."  --Misty Sol, Writer, Performer, Advocate
Now available for only 297.00!    Or pay only 50.00 a month for seven months at a total of 350.00!

"Before I started reading Steve's teaching I had over 30% body fat, (and now) I feel better than I ever have in my life.   

I was desperate to find someone to love me that I got in bad relationship after bad relationship for no other reason than that they would have me and I just didn't want to be alone.  

I am now married to a wonderful woman who loves me as much as I love her.  The map that Steve showed me has lead me to a great destination."
 Mike Ralls   
"“Growing up I thought marriage  was either the chaos of fighting or the looming dread of waiting for the next fight to erupt. 

I ended up in a string of relationships that ranged from unhealthy to downright abusive. I continually opened my heart to the opposite of what my head knew I wanted.

The SoulMate Process helped me heal from the wounds of my parent’s devastating marriage to become the woman I needed to be in order to the attract the type of man I desired and deserved. 

Today, I look at my husband and sometimes still can’t believe that after all the mistakes I’ve made in love I finally got it right!”

--Sara Gabriella