Do Geeks Deserve Love Too?
How did two lifelong "Geeks" 
(and bestselling authors) find UNSTOPPABLE LOVE 
Have You Been
"Looking For Love In All The Wrong Places"?
Tired of being lonely?

Searching for a Soulmate?

Tired of The Club, "Pick Up" tricks and hoping for love?
Afraid that everyone else in the world is having fun..?
Well, are you ready to put ALL of that in the rear-view mirror?
Think all the "Good Ones" are gone?
The truth is that there are equal percentages of good men and good women out there...and the secret to finding them is IN YOUR MIRROR.

You don't need all the time, money, or savvy in the world... 
Every chipmunk in the forest finds a mate. If YOU haven't found someone to love and care for, don't believe that it takes some massive (or costly) make-over.

Twenty five years ago, Tananarive and Steve were lonely, broken-hearted geeks, living on opposite sides of the country. Then they learned the secret...and nothing was ever the same again!.
Yes, there is an answer...and it is so simple that some people are actually frightened by it. Too "raw" and "real."  But if you are ready to change your life....WE'RE READY TO HELP YOU!
The truth is that it's not your fault that things haven't worked out before...

It's also true that we suffered through years of pain so that we could find something that really worked...

And we wish there had been someone to help us...and since there wasn't, we decided to be the ones who helped others.
My name is Steven Barnes...
and this is my story
Twenty-five years ago, I was alone, broke, and overweight, living in a one-bedroom apartment a thousand miles away from any friends or family, my first marriage in tatters.
I was trashed, desperate and without hope. It took all my strength to pull myself out of deep depression and start dating again.  Months later, due to an absolute miracle, I had a chance to date the girl of my dreams...and EVERYTHING went wrong. 

Everything I did, everything I said, just made it worse.  The nicer I was, the more open and loving, the faster she backed away.  It was beyond frustrating.  I watched what seemed my one chance at happiness simply slip through my fingers.

And then one day everything changed

One fateful day I decided to stop imagining that I knew ANYTHING about relationships, and start actually observing.  I decided to pretend that I was an anthropologist from Mars, with no understanding of male and female dynamics.  I spent an entire day in the lobby of the Seatac Red Lion Inn, just watching the happy couples...and after about five hours I saw something amazing.  Mind blowing. So "politically incorrect" that I couldn't believe what I was thinking. was TRUE! And what I saw changed my life, lead to the creation of The Soulmate Process and guided me to the love of my life.
My name is Tananarive Due...
and THIS is MY story...
Years ago, I was the Dating Columnist for the Miami Herald, with a national syndicated column. Even now, people tell I gave them useful dating advice. But the truth is that I was only writing the column because my love life was a disaster area - and my editor overheard me telling one of my horror stories. Although I was truthful about my search for love in my columns, I knew I had to go a long way to get to my healing. I kept making the wrong choice. parents had been married for decades, so I KNEW it was possible to find and sustain relationships. I tried journaling and therapy and reading everything I could get my hands on, but it took a desperate trip to a psychic to get a piece of the puzzle that finally opened the door to success. (Her advice was great whether she was psychic or not!) 

It took FIVE YEARS, but my true love finally came into my life. That's too long!  But when I shared my story with Steve and he shared his story with me, we realized the common elements which, when combined, pointed the way to a different, more powerful answer: THE SOULMATE PROCESS.

What would your life be like if you had the joy, love and passion you deserve?
To wake up every day filled with possibility and hope. 

Imagine building the life you crave, with your lover and best friend at your side every step of the way.

Imagine someone with whom you don't need to hide, and can explore your passions, needs and desires in every arena of your life..freely. 

How amazing would it be to start this IMMEDIATELY, without waiting for some magical future!
We have found the love, laughter, passion, and joy we've always wanted...and it took a single line of advice from a psychic to put Tananarive on the right path...and a single mind-blowing observation by Steve to put him on his...and a realization that both paths were actually the same that changed our lives forever! 
and we Asked:
"If we could Go Back In Time and share this knowledge with our own younger selves...what would we say?  How would we save ourselves time and pain, and bring the blessing of love and joy into their young lives?"
And the answer is
You will change everything you think you know about finding the love and passion you deserve, and how you can start IMMEDIATELY to change your destiny!
This Is What You Will Receive When you Purchase THE GEEK'S GUIDE TO SOULMATES...
#1: The Five Week GEEKS GUIDE online class
IN JANUARY, 2019 you will begin the core of your journey, five breakthrough web-based, live classes where Steve and Tananarive lay out, one step at a time, the core steps of the Soulmate Process, designed for "Geeks" who can handle real thought, real talk, who prefer truth to comforting lies, and are willing to take a hard look at themselves and the world.

 Session #1 - What is a Soulmate? Healing your heart to prepare for true love.

 Session #2 - Designing Your Perfect Lover. If you had a "Genie in a bottle" what would you ask for? Choose carefully! The ONE question you have to answer to change your luck forever!

 Session #3 - Why you MUST understand why human beings do the crazy things they do in The Mating Game...the REAL rules, if you want to win!

 Session #4 - How to become a friend who is also a LOVER 

 Session #5 - How to find, woo, and win the love of your life...guaranteed!

BUT EVEN BEFORE THAT WEBINAR BEGINS...we'll start sending you the pieces you need to prepare!

#2: The F.E.A.R. class
Fear is a message that there is potential threat. To take action. When you untangle it from grief, anger, guilt and shame you have one of the most powerful emotional forces in the world. The sayings that that "fear and love fight for the same place in your heart" and "anger is a mask over fear" are truths.  Learn to harness it, to USE your fear to change your life and you access a Fountain of Energy for Active Response...F.E.A.R.
This is the DAILY action YOU will take to heal your emotions, and guide your actions to create the life of your dreams.  IN 10-20 minutes a day, you will control EVERY aspect of your being: physical, mental, and emotional, and get them working for you with the precision of a laser! 

In life, you don't get what you want. You get who you ARE.   That is the brutal, wonderful truth.  Start TODAY being the person you need to be to create the life and love of your dreams!
But we're going to offer much more than that. Although the class officially starts in January, you will receive some of these bonuses INSTANTLY and the others in the coming weeks...
Super Cool Bonus #1
The GEEKS GUIDE TO SOULMATES social media group
You get instant access.  Here you will ask questions, help each other, and help US understand precisely what you need to successfully navigate these new waters!

Super Cool Bonus #2
Animal Instinct
An exclusive interview with one of the world's greatest experts in self-defense, for both women AND men, teaching how to connect to your most basic animal drives so that you can enter the dating market with confidence and your own emotions and listen to your own instincts.
Super Cool Bonus #3
Filled with questions, exercises, observations....everything you need to dig deeper and guide your journey.  And after the class is over you'll get transcripts and replay links to everything, as well as MP3
All the tools you need to heal, be happy, and then woo and win the love of your life...starting NOW!
When this class is completely designed and executed, it will cost $997.  But because yOU are helping us design it, we have a special limited time, SUPER  discounted offer good for the first 100 students!
limited time offer! ONLY $197!
 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
Good for up to 30 days from the day the first class you get all the time you need to evaluate everything!
Are you ready to....
Find The Love Of Your Life?
Transform your emotions, your mind and heart.   Discover your real hungers and dreams, and how to become the person who can own them.
This can be the single best step you've ever taken.

We have, and will make a promise: this is EXACTLY the course that Tananarive and I wish we'd had when we were would have saved us SO much time, energy, and pain.

We wish you love, health, hope and happiness...and if you are like we were...we hope you'll do yourself a favor and join THE GEEK'S GUIDE TO SOULMATES.

-Steven Barnes and Tananarive Due
Here’s A Recap Of
When You Purchase The AMAZING Offer!
  •   #1 The Five Week GEEKS GUIDE TO SOULMATES class ($597 Value)
  •  #2 The F.E.A.R. class to transform fear to power ($97 Value)
  •  #3 The Soulmate's Morning Ritual ($197 Value)
  •  Amazing Bonus Piece #1 The Geeks Guide Social Media Group (Priceless)
  •  Amazing Bonus Piece #2 "Animal Instinct", an amazing conversation with one of the world's greatest experts on women's (and men's) self defense, the spiritual and emotional dimension of walking the world with power...and power is SEXY! ($97 Value)
  •  Amazing Bonus Piece #1 "Geek's Guide to Soulmates" Workbook, transcripts, and templates! ($297 Value)
Total Value: $1285

But today, you're getting all of this...
(Until JANUARY 1, for the first 100 students) For Only $197!
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