Now that you understand the "Lifewriting" method...
Are you ready to take total control of your career, and do the very best writing of your life? 
Are you Tired of Rejection Slips? Writer's Block?  The grind of Writing yourself into corner after corner?
If you Have the Heart of a Writer...why aren't you published?
Is your dream slipping through your fingers??

Do you wish you could find someone to tell you the truth?

Are you starting to realize that that MFA, those writing workshops, that writing circle you belong to has limitations no one warned you about?
The Average Writer Publishes by the age of 32...
So where are you?  Watching the clock tick down as that birthday approaches? Or watching that number in your rear-view mirror, feeling time pass you by?
With highly-paid teachers who have never published anything of their own, or ever had television or film work produced?  Do you suspect that maybe the issues that stopped them are part of what they can't teach YOU?

With literary geniuses who are so "unconsciously competent" that other than telling you to read and write every day, they really don't know HOW they do what they do? Who's well-intended advice just makes them sound like gods on Mt. Olympus lecturing puny humans?

Mocked because I wanted to write genre.   Discouraged because my mother thought I'd destroy my life chasing an artistic dream (as had happened to my father!).   Misunderstood because there were NO science fiction writers of my skin color.  No role models for success.  Knew not a single human being who had accomplished what I intended to do.
I had written from first grade, but  actually tried to stop writing when I reached college.  Then, I won a short story contest, and as my reward got to read my story to an alumni gathering.  And their smiles and admiring faces hit me like a sledge hammer.  I knew at that moment that I was born to be a writer. And that come hell of high water, I had to have that dream! I dropped out of college, burned my bridges, and started a do-or-die effort to become the successful writer I dreamed of being... 
And after years of struggle, seeking out every mentor I could find....

After finally learning secrets from Robert Heinlein, Ray Bradbury, Larry Niven, Octavia Butler, and too many other kind grand-masters who took their time and energy to open the eyes of a young hopeful...

After TEACHING at UCLA, Seattle University, and lecturing at Mensa and the Smithsonian...I realized that there really WAS a way to virtually GUARANTEE publication, if you are willing to apply butt to chair, deal with your fears and tap into your heart.
Hi, I'm Steven Barnes and I want to help you
If you have a dream to share your dreams, the heart to share your heart, a mind to share your mind...if you love storytelling like I do, you are my tribe!  I want to help you the way my idols helped me...and LIFEWRITING is the way I can do that!
I got devastating "we are returning this paper.  Somebody wrote on it" rejection slips.

My teachers and peers discouraged me...and they themselves had never published.

Then, I realized I had to stop listening to wannabes and outsiders, and find out what the best of the best had to say about the road to publication...
Steven Barnes and Tananarive Due
Has published over three million words, been on the NY Times Bestseller list, won the NAACP Image Award.  His "A Stitch In Time" episode of THE OUTER LIMITS was nominated for a Cable Ace award, and won an Emmy (Amanda Plummer, best supporting actress).   

He's lectured at UCLA, USC, Mensa, the Smithsonian Institute, and more.

Tananarive is, according to Oscar winner Jordan Peele, the world's "foremost voice on Black horror", British Fantasy Award winner, American Book Award winner, and NAACP Image Award winner.  Her UCLA classes on writing, screenwriting, black horror and Afrofuturism are standing room only.

Can You Picture Yourself Published?  Celebrated?   On Bestseller Lists, and Lecturing Throngs of Eager Fans and Students?   We can show you a path to publication that has never failed!
Don't you want to see your name in print--without paying for the privilege?   

Can you see yourself holding that award?

Hear an editor's excited "yes!" on the phone? 

Maybe even have the amazing experience of sitting in a movie theater surrounded by fans watching YOUR movie (there's nothing like it!).

All I ever wanted to be as a child was a writer...and once I learned the "secret" life has never been the same!  And what IS that secret...?
Apply the exact same tools to your LIFE that you apply to your WRITING.  Every story is about a character who wants something. You easily tap into your creative juices when you do that...but what would happen if you imagined yourself writing a story about YOU trying to become a writer...and winning...?
Welcome to the ....
Lifewriting Ten Week Training!!!
Ten weeks of video, audio, PDFs and social media support to help you become the best you can be!
Look at all you'll get!
Ten Weeks
Of video lectures laying out every piece of the puzzle...all you need to succeed.
Tananarive Due's Secrets of a Writer's Life
An intimate, exclusive interview with the Essence bestselling, American Book Award and British Fantasy Award winning novelist Oscar Winner Jordan Peele considers "the foremost voice in black horror." 
Fear is the mind-killer.  More dreams are strangled by this single emotion than everything else combined.    Learn to master it, and you have a Fountain of Energy for Active Response.  F.E.A.R.
And, on this page only, you'll have a chance to get bonuses available nowhere else!
Super Cool Bonus #1
Focus and Flow
The "Flow" state is the state of total emergence in the activity, the doorway to creative genius.  Learn to recognize, cultivate and utilize it to reach your full potential!
Super Cool Bonus #2
"Future Perfect"
The professionally mastered lecture on the art and craft of Science Fiction extrapolation, from the NY Times Bestselling, award winning writer of the Emmy winning "Outer Limits" episode "A Stitch In Time"
Super Cool Bonus #3
"The How and Why of Horror"
How has Stephen King become one of the best-selling writers of all time?   Why did Jordan Peele's "Get Out" tap our deepest social fears to become an Oscar-winning film?   Steven Barnes' lecture on this dynamic genre, filmed at the LA Screenwriting Expo, is a can't-miss.
For the first time ever, you'll have all the tools you need to accomplish your writing dreams!
This Exclusive Offer Is Available at this price for a 
limited time only!
30 Day Money Back Guarantee
The Most Complete Writing System Ever Devised
After the LIFEWRITING 10-WEEK...the rest is just details
You'll have a path of excellence that starts with just A SENTENCE A DAY, and teaches the emotional, mental, tactical and strategic aspects of building a healthy career designed for a lifetime of writing pleasure.

I've read hundreds of books, studied for many thousands of hours pulling information from dozens of disciplines to find the "cream" you cannot learn in a college, or in a bootcamp, or a guru seminar.    This is two WORKING writers who ALSO teach, and lead healthy loving lives sharing the best of the best of what they've learned.

I can tell you honestly that if I didn't already know this information I would give 1/3 of everything I own to get it.  If I could send this information back in a "message in a bottle" to a younger version of myself, I could have saved decades and oceans of sweat and blood to achieve far more than I have.

For anyone who sees the world, and their potential, as I do, this is honestly the path you've been looking for.

You have nothing to lose but your "unpublished" status!

Write with Passion...
Steven Barnes

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  •  F.E.A.R. course ($297 Value)
  •  Secrets of a Writer's Life ($97 Value)
  •  "Focus and Flow" the doorway to genius ($97 Value)
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