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“Are you driven by fear or love?  The distinction is important, because you have the right to feel safe in the world"--Grandmaster Dawn Callan, "The World's Greatest Self Defense Instructor"

"The world today is boiling with fear and stress.  YOU have the chance to make a difference in the lives of your children, your family, your friends, your community. But first YOU have to be centered and strong. The hurricane blows, but the bamboo bends, and the eye of the storm remains calm."--Grandmaster Steven Barnes,  former Kung Fu columnist for Black Belt magazine

Warrior's Journey
The Quarantine is here!  Now is the PERFECT time to learn to control stress, to turn fear into power.  And this AMAZING TEN WEEK HOME STUDY COURSE IN PSYCHOLOGICAL/EMOTIONAL SELF DEFENSE
distills centuries of MARTIAL  AND SPIRITUAL WISDOM.   Ten weeks from today you can have the emotional strength and calm promised...but rarely delivered...by the local "McDojo."  THIS is the time to learn these skills. The lives you save may be your own...and your family's!
Warrior's Journal

"I never realized how much fear influenced my life before I met Dawn Callan."--Toni Young

NOT   a "self defense" course--this is about OWNING YOUR LIFE.  In the street or the boardroom, physical or emotional intimidation need not stop you from being all you can be!
Only $297 148.50!
Special half-price during this state of national emergency!
Dawn Callan
For Ten Weeks, the world's greatest women's self defense instructor will be your personal guide.   With a 10th Degree black belt in Cobra Kaj karate, having personally taught over ten thousand students and with over fifty years  of martial experience, Dawn has unique insight into the inner and outer aspects of the   arts."The absolute best!"--Rachel Rosen
"I wouldn't trade what I learned from Dawn for any amount of money"--Maureen Garrett
"I've used what Dawn taught me every day since that workshop.  Without it, I could not have succeeded in business, or found the love of my life"--Vic Whitlock. 
Steven Barnes
Steven Barnes holds black belts in judo and karate, including an 10th degree grand master ranking. In addition, he has decades of training in Kali and Indonesian Silat.  The former Kung Fu columnist for Black Belt Magazine ("The Bible of American Martial Arts") he is also a master hypnotist, a yoga, and for forty years has practiced and taught Tai Chi.   With 47 years of experience in the martial arts, Steve met Dawn thirty years ago...and realized instantly that he was seeing a living miracle, one that he needed to share with the world.
"I've learned more from Steven Barnes than anyone in the world except my father" Daniel Keys Moran

Fear need never stop you again.  Learn to connect with your basic, natural right to self-protection. Learn to trust your instincts and intuition.  We created this course to be a total bargain at 297.00, our standard price for new in-depth courses. But this time of national emergency motivated Steve and his partners to slash the price to the bone, to make it available to all, NOW, when we need it most.   SIGN UP FOR IMMEDIATE ACCESS!
NOTE: This is a combination of PHYSICAL and DIGITAL product.  You will gain IMMEDIATE  (usually within an  hour) access  to the on line portion, but will also a physical journal will be shipped to you within three weeks. 
 For martial artists and those who wish they had the time and energy to practice them.  NOT a collection of self-defense technique, this unique class connects you with your natural,   right to defend yourself from aggression  and   detect and avoid danger, as well as ELIMINATE UNHEALTHY STRESS from your life forever!  
  • Ten Weeks of daily coaching and exercise
  • ​The ten-week Warrior's Journal to record your progress and integrate the teachings.
  • ​The exclusive "Warrior's Journey" MP3--a tool that will transform your unconscious mind.
  • ​Over six hours of MP3 interviews between Dawn and Steven, connecting the physical and spiritual worlds of the arts in a way NO ONE has done before. 
  • ​Complete transcripts of every interview.
  • The classic "Ancient Child" course to connect with your protective instincts
  • The F.E.A.R. course to turn anxiety into power.
  • ​Can't get to the gym?  The amazing ZERO NET TIME course for total fitness--without losing a single hour of weekly time! Amazing, and worth the price all by itself!
  • ​A social media support group with live support staff
  • OVER A THOUSAND DOLLARS in unique value, for a fraction of the price, with a special half-off discount in this stressful moment in our history!
Warrior's Journal
FEAR course
Ancient Child Course
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Only $297  $148.50 for a limited time only!
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