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"The world today is boiling with fear and stress. YOU have the chance to make a difference in the lives of your children, your family, your friends, your community. But first YOU have to be centered and strong. The hurricane blows, but the bamboo bends, and the eye of the storm remains calm."

--Grandmaster Steven Barnes, former Kung Fu columnist for Black Belt magazine

Hi, my name is Steven Barnes and I have something to share with you. For over 29 years, I have been teaching people just like you how to master their bodies, eliminate fear and find love. Hundreds of my students have unlocked greater success - finding passion in their relationships and careers.

If you want to achieve fantastic health and happiness...or even if you just want to  feel more alive and vibrant than everthen this is the most important letter you'll read all year! 

Here's why...

Did you know that the FEAR   is the #1 reason people never achieve their dreams? 

In fact, fear is usually more damaging than the thing we are afraid of!

Read This Fact Carefully:

According to Psychology Today, "It is absolutely fair to include the war in Iraq on the list of the costs of fear caused by the September 11 attacks, more than a direct response to the threat of terrorism itself."  Do you understand the implications?  Our FEAR was more damaging to the US than TERRORISM!

Now If there was a way that you can live a fearless life and live your life with joy, make more money, and find and nurture the passionate relationship of your dreams...have the body of a healthy animal and "bulletproof" your mind from stress... would you want to know how to do it?

So imagine what life would be like if every time you saw your spouse, you had the same feeling you felt when you first met? When you were dating? And every time you were together, it was the most magical moment you ever felt?

How different would life be if you could remove all of your limiting blocks and become the joyful, loving human being you were born to be?

If you could walk the street with awareness and preparedness...but without fear?

If you could trust your intuition about new friends and business associates, and trust your instincts to protect you?

Leading everyday with joy, contribution - being strong enough to help not only you but your community.

What would life be like if you could tap into your physical/spiritual gifts to protect you in all circumstances?   To feel safe and confident to lose those extra pounds, or leave a wretched job to  finally have a career that feeds your soul?

Just think of all the BIG and little things you would be able to 
accomplish if you could break through all the fear and stress that typically holds
you back. 

You are ready to HAVE everything you’ve ever fantasized about...but never really BELIEVED you could achieve...are you not?

So keep reading this letter and I will show you how to MASTER YOUR LIFE, ONCE AND FOR ALL.

But first, let me ask you a question...

Why Are You Not In Control Of Your Life?
I was a bullied, weak, bespectabled "nerd" beaten up by the guys, and shunned by the girls.  Filled with fear and uncertain of my future.   I constantly asked myself why I couldn't seem to control my life.  

One day I nearly died escaping a mob of bullies, and realized I just couldn't live like this.  I Constantly feeling like I wasn't good enough - trapped in a body where I had no confidence to attract my dream partner...or never achieving my wildest dreams.

What's worse is, I was living a mediocre, helpless life where I didn't see a way out - and at times I even preferred to be DEAD!

Luckily, I began learning the secrets of martial arts. And over the past 30 years, I have learned how to turn my fear into power...and taught tons of everyday people how to get unstuck and tap into your unlimited vibrant powers.

But over these years I have also learned ONE THING:

Most people never achieve their dreams because society has been lying to them on what "mastery" really is...

So if you don't have the relationship, body or career you want, just know it's not your fault!

For your whole life, society has lied to you. "Mastery" isn't being perfect. "Mastery" isn't some unattainable quality available only to the blessed.  

MASTERY IS A VERB, NOT A NOUN. A PROCESS, NOT A POSITION. And once you fully discover this life-changing secret, you’ll effortlessly have the “basics” of anything you decide to practice, to the point that it becomes second-nature...EVEN under stress.

In fact, you’ll tap into the same power creative geniuses such as Bruce Lee, Shakespeare, and Einsten tapped into - and be on your well on your way to a life of mastery, in whatever arena your heart desires.

And with  over fifty years in the arts, I now have the rank of "Grandmaster." Do you know what that means? Simply that my teacher considers me capable of leading others to the path of Mastery...which I have done for years...and now want to give that same gift to you.   

As my writing mentor, NY Times Bestselling, computer guru, and science fiction pioneer the late Jerry Pournelle told me: "Master one thing, and you know how to master anything else."   

What that means for you is that having published almost FOUR MILLION words, written for television and well as those three black belts and over two decades of blissful marriage to my soulmate...I can now show you the "difference that makes the difference," and you can easily use this to unlock the key to mastery in ANY DISCIPLINE YOU DESIRE! 

Yet before I ever shared this secret with anyone, SOMETHING LIFE-CHANGING HAPPENED...

My Friend Blew His Brains Out...
It was twenty-odd years ago.  There I was on a star-lit summer night in Arizona...sitting in silence, stunned that I didn't have an answer to his question. My friend Uli sadly asked me, "Steve, when will I stop being afraid?"

You see, Uli and I had been teaching karate at a children's camp. He was a splendid young black belt, a physical specimen with all the tools to defend himself. So I was surprised that someone who had the physical skills would still be afraid. 

I didn't know then what I knew now...

We could have our dream body, car and all the money in the world...but until we let go of fear...we'll never truly be at ease and happy.

About six months after that conversation  I found out... Uli had blown his brains out. Fear had taken his life away. He couldn't continue to live a life of despair where he wasn't in control of his life - where he felt insecure about his self-image, and always questioning whether he deserved to be alive or not.

Why hadn't I been able to help him?  I thought...

And while we cannot take responsibility for another person's life path, I SWORE that I would never be "stumped" by that question again.   

So from that day on, I vowed to uncover the answers to why fear crippled us so much that we would take our lives - and never live the abundant life we were meant to live.

And ultimately realized that for all the wonderful tools I had, even if I could help men, I lacked critical skills to help WOMEN...and that if I could do THAT, I would also be able to help men more deeply than I ever had.   

I searched, and found a truly remarkable woman named DAWN CALLAN, a four foot ten ball of energy who could wipe the floor with men twice her size...and had taught the secret of inner healing to over TEN THOUSAND STUDENTS in live workshops. It took me YEARS to convince her to share her secrets with me, not for mere "self defense" (heck, there are thousands of Youtube videos, not to mention McDojos in every strip mall you pass that can teach physical techniques) but the secret of feeling SAFE in the world.  

Dawn and I combined our century of  spiritual/martial arts wisdom into a single program. I decided to teach thousands of students how to permanently remove fear and teach them how to be happy - all while finding a fulfilling career, soul-mate and making  the money they deserve.

And that's how I came up with the Warrior's Journey - a practical guide to developing the mental and emotional tools the martial arts promise...but too often fail to deliver.   

The Warrior's Journey is what black belt Uli had sought...but never found.  It's far more than a self-defense course.  In fact, there are no specific "moves."  Instead, we offer a complete mastery in physical, mental, emotional and spiritual strength. And if you want to get rid of negative emotions easily and painlessly, on the spot, then this is the program for you.   And after you've completed it? You'll have the confidence you've always sought, but if you want more, ANY MARTIAL ART YOU WANT TO PRACTICE WILL SEEM "EASY" TO YOU!  

So keep reading to discover how to harness your physical/spiritual gifts for an abundant life...

                     Discover The One Single Solution You've Been Waiting For


The Warrior's Journey 

The Complete Guide To Using Practical Martial Arts Advice To Gaining Lively Health, Loving Relationships And A Fulfilling Career  - Without EVER Going To Your Local McDojo

Imagine removing all the fear & stress from your life.  FINALLY, you'll be able to be a winner in every aspect of your life - from the comfort of your home! And once you order, you'll experience first-hand this life-changing you can:

  • ​Uncover The #1 Way To Eliminate Years Of Fear, Doubts And Confusion...In Just Five Minutes A Day!
  • ​BOOST YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM by dumping stress and deep, sound sleep!
  • ​Easily Learn The Proven Martial Arts Technique To Connecting Instinct and Intuition--see danger coming long before it arrives and Never Worry About Protecting Yourself And Loved Ones Again!
  • ​​THRIVE In Your Career, Health And Relationship...Even During These Uncertain Times.
  • ​​Avoid The Deadly Breathing Mistake That's Stopping You From Manifesting Your Dream Reality.
  • ​​Develop A Positive Mindset...And Make Every Day AMAZING...For The Rest Of Your Life .
  • ​​Reprogram Your Subconscious To Have An Abundance Mindset To Effortlessly Attract Money (It's the missing secret behind "The Secret"!) 
  • ​Discover A Lifetime Of Spiritual/Martial Arts Wisdom To Generate Success In Life, Career & Relationships.
  • ​Learn to lose weight and become fit in ZERO NET TIME (you actually SAVE time every week doing this!).  This combination of the ancient "secret of the fountain of youth" and the ONLY scientifically verified life extension technique will blow your mind!
  • ​​Effortlessly Remove Emotional "Blocks"  To Increase Your Strength, Sharpness Of Mind, And Sexuality .
  • ​Improve Your Self-Image, Confidence And Watch How Your Relationships Improve...DRAMATICALLY!
  • ​Gracefully Balance Your Mind, Body & Soul And Become Unstoppable In Anything You Decide To Do. (Apply This Samurai Wisdom To Anything You Try!)
  • ​Unlock The Real Secret To Finding Your True Self And Destiny (It's As Simple As Breathing Correctly.)
  • ​Learn To "Read The Room" Instantly, so that you feel SAFE wherever you are.  (Be Proactive, Not Reactive)
  • ​Let Go Of Negative Emotions And Step Into A Life Of Permanent, Blissful Relaxation...
  • ​Take Control Of Your Life And Breeze Through Days Of Stress And Times Of Confusion
  • ​See How Easy It's To Stop Procrastinating. So You Can Get More Done And Find Passion In WHATEVER YOU DO.
  • ​Gain Inner Calmness, Resourcefulness And Joy EVEN In The Midst Of Chaos.

Now this is a combination of PHYSICAL and DIGITAL product. Once you order today, you will gain IMMEDIATE (usually within an hour) access to the online portion, and the physical journal will be shipped to you within three weeks.  

This is for martial artists and those who wish they had the time and energy to study these wonderful arts--but don't.   

NOT a mere collection of "self defense techniques", it is the actual CORE of the arts--connecting you with your divine right to live life without fear, unleashing the feral intensity of a rabid TIGER on anyone who would violate your space...and the strength of a tempered sword when defending your ideas and values in everyday life.   Detect and avoid danger, as well as ELIMINATE UNHEALTHY STRESS from your life forever!  

But Don't Just Take My Word For It, Check Out What Others Are Saying...

"I never realized how much fear influenced my life before I met Dawn Callan."--Toni Young

"I've learned more from Steven Barnes than anyone in the world except my father" Daniel Keys Moran

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So Here's Exactly What You're Getting Today...

  • A 10 week program with daily coaching and exercises designed to defend yourself from danger and eliminate fear...from your life forever!
  • The 10 week Warrior's Journal to record all of your progress and put into action what you learned.
  • The exclusive "Warrior's Journey" MP3--a tool that will transform your unconscious mind. So you can effortlessly step into your dream lifestyle.
  • ​Over six hours of MP3 interviews between Dawn and Steven, connecting the physical and spiritual worlds of the arts in a way NO ONE has done before. Complete transcript available.
  • ​And much more!  Nothing else to buy!

Meet Your Instructors...

Dawn Callan

For Ten Weeks, the world's greatest women's self defense instructor will be your personal guide. 

 With a 10th Degree black belt in Cobra Kaj karate, having personally taught over ten thousand students and with over fifty years of martial experience, Dawn has unique insight into the inner and outer aspects of the arts.

Steven Barnes

Steven Barnes holds black belts in judo and karate, including an 10th degree grand master ranking. In addition, he has decades of training in Kali and Indonesian Silat, and taught Tai Chi for half his life. 

 The former Kung Fu columnist for Black Belt Magazine ("The Bible of American Martial Arts") he is also a master hypnotist, a yoga instructor and has lectured at UCLA, Seattle University, Mensa and the Smithsonian institute 

 With 47 years of experience in the martial arts, Steve met Dawn thirty years ago...and realized instantly that he was seeing a living miracle, one that he needed to share with the world.

See What Others Are Saying About Your Instructors...

"I wouldn't trade what I learned from Dawn for any amount of money"--Maureen Garrett

"I've used what Dawn taught me every day since that workshop. Without it, I could not have succeeded in business, or found the love of my life"--Vic Whitlock. 

"I consider Steven Barnes to be one of the most influential teachers in my life, and his teachings have helped me to anchor a balanced, nuanced and sophisticated understanding on the human animal in a modern world. "--Ramon Castellanos

Now before you make your decision, ask yourself this critical question....

If there was a way you could stop living a life without fear and finally experience love, security,  abundance,   health and unlimited happiness, would you want to know how to do it?

Just imagine minutes from now what you will be discovering...

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  • Discover The Hidden Secret To Have Complete Control Of Your Mind, Body & Soul. So You Can Be In Total Control Over Your Life!
  •  Discover the miracle of LOVING YOURSELF.
  • ​A transformative MP3 to be used whenever you need to re-connect with your capacity for self-love.

F.E.A.R Course - 
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  • ​The 10 Week Warrior's Journal                                                                                                                 ($97 Value)
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  • ​Over Six Hours Of MP3 Interviews Between Dawn & Steven                                                                  ($97 Value)
  • ​Ancient Child Course                                                                                                                                ($29 Value)
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Now more than ever is the time to learn the skills to protect yourself, save your life...and your family's!
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