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Welcome to YOUR FIRST 100K, the doorway to your new life.  
Greetings! For years TERRY LEE BRUSSEL has been a certified clinical hypnotherapist, helping over ten thousand people learn to balance physical, business, emotional and metaphysical aspects of their lives.  She has also trained hundreds of successful hypnotists, coaches and consultants in growing their businesses.

About three years ago, her good friend, best-selling author and martial arts master  STEVEN BARNES realized that she was at least FIVE times as successful as the average coach, and begged her to share her secrets with the world.  Using NLP skills to uncover the outer AND inner secrets that made her success possible, a process of discovery and distillation that required THREE YEARS of work, we have the result:  YOUR FIRST 100K, a crash course in going from zero, with nothing more than your life experience, to creating a business that can earn 100k a year in only 25 hours a week.

  Lesson #1:Overview
   The foundational skills.  How to use this program.  How Terry created a 280k business from "nothing."

Lesson #2: Avatars
Defining your perfect Client.   Where can you find them? "Knowing your numbers." Why knowing your "USP" is the secret to success.

Lesson #3: Modeling Success
What is mastery?  When are you ready to charge for your services?  What is sales? How can we be sure we are offering value?

Lesson #4: What is a Business?
The difference between sales and marketing.   Customer intake forms.  Sales techniques.  Defining areas of benefit and concern: matching your skills to the customer's needs. Getting over sales fright.  The value of "social proof."  Transforming yourself from "annoying pest" to "welcome guest."

Lesson #5: Advertising
Where and how to begin advertising. Changing your attitudes about money.  What is the best kind of marketing?    The video studio in your pocket.  Getting referrals.  The proper use of business cards.   Precisely WHEN to talk to the right WHO in a service  club to book appearances.  Speaking could be your Fort Knox!

Lesson #6: Making Money
Changing negative money attitudes.  Why you shouldn't try to sell to everybody.  Why so many smart people are broke. Separating business from charity.  Believing in your product or service.

Lesson #7: The Magic of Multiple Sessions
How many sessions should you plan to sell? What is the average profit per client? What should you plan to teach in each session, and how far in advance should you plan them?  How does this help overcome sales resistance?

Lesson #8:Setting up your office
When is it time to move from home office to a separate space?  What is the advantage of hiring people on commission?
What are the roles of the support staff? What are, and when does one hire "virtual assistants"?   When is it time to grow from a one-person office?  What is the one thing you must NEVER turn over to others?
a total value of over 797.00!

1) Eight custom-made trances to deal with organization, creativity, sales pride/sales excellence, stage fright and more!
at 250.00 each for custom-made trances, a value of 2000.00

2) The amazing "Spiritual Entrepreneur" mini-course, a value of 297.00!

3) Complete workbook and transcripts, a value of 397.00

And more!

All in all a package worth over 3800.00... in recognition of a strained economy, we are offering this at a special introductory price of only 297.00!!  This price good for a VERY limited time only! I fought tooth and nail for this, and Terry thinks this price is beyond ridiculous, and is going to go ballistic if I don't raise it SOON!  It will NEVER be sold again at this price.  ONLY THE FIRST FIFTY PEOPLE WILL GET IT AT THIS PRICE.  It will immediately go up to 397.00!

"I have sold six memberships in Legal Shield already by 22nd of the month--my personal best. For the first time, I actually signed up a new distributor at a sales meeting! Hypnosis sessions and business coaching by phone from Success Center has really worked for me."--  AJ Dilberto
Legal Shield Distributor, Ca 

"The sessions I did with Terry herself over the phone yielded tremendous results for her. Now over 50% of my practice is phone work and as a result my practice and therapy income has doubled in size in the last 6 months. NO matter what you believe about telephone sessions, take it from me, you are cheating yourself and your clients by not working over the phone."
David Quigley
founder of Alchemical Hypnotherapy

"It is obvious that you have invested much time and many years of sessions in developing your system.
I only wish that such a system had been available during my early years in hypnotherapy, as I believe that my road would have been much easier to follow over the years.  
Any new (but competently trained) hypnotherapist just starting a practice should give serious consideration to your…system."
Roy Hunter, M.S., C. Ht., Hypnotist's Hall of Fame member

 "I know Terry to be a gifted practitioner of these techniques, including ones that she has been instrumental in development in her roles as an innovator in the field for more than a quarter of a century…she can be easily be described as the hypnotherapist’s hypnotherapist."
Dr. Robert Rich

(About the Seven Key Turnkey System) "The course content is more comprehensive then that  offered by many training programs."
--William S. Brink, MA FCH,  president of American Association of Professional Hypnotherapists

"I contracted 78 sessions worth over $11,000 with one client ,,, He wanted to improve his negotiating skills to increase his income to over 1 Million dollars per year of disposable income. His income is quickly increasing and he anticipates meeting his goal of $1 million/year within the next year."
Virginia Parsons, MS, CCHT, CTLC

"In the early summer of 2007, in Anchorage, Alaska I was sought out by a brilliantly scientific minded professional corporate consultant. She explained to me that the “full life all encompassing design” of my program…exceeded her expectations and fulfilled all her needs. She then enthusiastically electronically wired $4,500 dollars to me to cover the multi-session self actualizing program we personally tailored to fit her outcomes: professionally, personally, mentally, physically, and spiritually."

Sincerely; Scott Weys CHt

"Success Center offers a business model that helps (coaches) understand how to sell, get repeat business, and conduct a complete program suited to the needs and interests of each client.
Judith E. Pearson, Ph.D.,
Licensed Professional Counselor

"I find it amazing that you have distilled your vast experience of 30 plus years in such a powerful, effective and easy to use way for other hypnotherapists…I cannot recommend your program highly enough…"
Thank you.
Joseph Giove

"Just a note to thank you for recruiting me into the Success Center program. It has been invaluable to me in developing my practice. 
All the best,
Linda Lindsey"

"Dear Terry,
Thank you so much for your program and your contribution to the wonderful results I have had to date. I am amazed that in just a few short weeks I have been able to take such great strides toward personal success. It seems that each goal has been achieved with seemingly no effort and with so much enjoyment.
Warm regards,
Rosemary J. Simpson"

 "(You have) taken years off my preparation to be a successful hypnotherapist.
Susan G. Bliss, C.Ht."

"I would recommend (Terry) to anyone wanting to build a truly successful (coaching) practice."
Amy Huentelman
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