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Brought To You By Steven Barnes:

Steven Barnes is a bestselling author, screenwriter and human performance expert. As a triple black belt holder, he has taught thousands of students how to harness their spiritual/physical powers to achieve success.

Since 2009, he's taught the "Five Minute Miracle", using amazing Russian Sports Psychology/Physiology secrets to change the body's reactions to stress in just FIVE MINUTES A DAY.  

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Scott Sonnon
Four-time Gold Medal Winner, 2010 World Martial Arts Game Winner

“Thank you, brother. I took the psychological grace you helped me foster into the cauldron….and came out with the gold. You’re the best!”

Gerald M. Levin, 
Former CEO, Time Warner

“"Steven Barnes (is) uniquely powerful
(in helping others balance) their physical
and emotional arenas along a spiritual pathway
to abiding self love and unifying purpose."”